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Sakis Isaakidis, a well-known Make Up Artist in Greece, has been involved in Professional Make Up and Professional Bridal Make Up since 2000. His Make Up Artist studies were founded at the Avgerinopoulou institute. Later on, he went to London to continue his studies at the Beauty and Make Up School, where he was specialized in Fashion Make Up, Special Effects, Photographic and Bridal Make Up. Sakis Isaakidis has worked for Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elegant and Beauty is Life as a Make Up Artist and is a member of I.M.A.T.S.(International Make Up Artist Trade Show).

A collaboration with great success was the "OLA" TV Series by Themos Anastasiadis. At the same time he had many important collaborations with famous designers in fashion shows in Athens and Thessaloniki. He has also worked for renowned modeling agencies, promotional brochures, catalogs of well-known fashion houses and modeling portfolios. Sakis Isaakidis has worked as a Make Up Artist for the GLOW magazine and delivered make up classes in private schools in Thessaloniki. His name is behind many well-known video clips, motion pictures and commercials. In 2009, Sakis Isaakidis, as an ambitious and multi-talented personality, created a highly artistic and classy venue at the center of Thessaloniki, the Sakis Isaakidis Beauty Salon studio. In this specially designed venue, he delivers advanced make-up courses to professionals and also prepares the new Make Up Artists for their certification exams.


In June 2018, Sakis Isaakidis was invited by the Goodwill Ambassador of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, Mrs. Anda Iliopoulou, for the make up of the fashion designers Chantal Thomass and Jean-Claude Jitrois, as well as the models of Jitrois, at the fashion show that followed. An important milestone in his career was Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week which took place a La Maison Champs Elysées. From June 30th till July 5th of 2018, he was invited to Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week by Mephistopheles productions. He was the only Makeup Artist who took part from Greece. He collaborated with the well known Australian Makeup Artist Liz Bomben, who is the Creative Director of Global Hair & Makeup and she is creating looks for celebrities, brides, men & women around the world . Sakis Isaakidis was an official member of her team. He worked as a Makeup Artist for Azulant Akora, Ariane Chaumeil, Armine Ohayan, Baroqco jewelry, Patuna, Maria Aristidou. Some of the magazines that covered Fashion Week in Paris were Madame Figaro Paris, Marie Claire Paris, FabUK magazine, Le journal des femmes.


Evolution and information, as far as the Make Up area is concerned, never stops. In October 2019 another major step was taken. The basic principles of the philosophy of the Make Up Artist School are the proper education, the acquisition of experience, the cultivation, the acquisition of self-confidence and determination. These are the key elements for the right evolution and success.
The Make Up Artist School Sakis Isaakidis, obtained the authorisation of a Centre for Lifelong Learning from the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, with the positive opinion of  the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).  
This indicates that the Make Up Artist School Sakis Isaakidis has all the requirements and the necessary qualifications set out in the institutional framework for its proper functioning.
The steps continue, for a proper vocational training that ensures the absolute specialization. 

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Μέλος του I.M.A.T.S (International Make Up Artist Trade Show)

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